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Four convenient locations make shopping local easier than ever! Pick up is fast, easy and hassle-free. Members shares available in Weekly Wednesday, Every other Wednesday and First Wednesday!

Eat Local


Our farm partners bring you a seasonal rotation of freshness! Farm boxes include 6-9 different fruits, vegetables and/or herbs that are grown within 35 miles of Cypress, TX! Eat in Season. Think Locally Conscious!

Learn Local


In addition to our blog, cookbooks, Pinterest and VIP area, we also offer Adult, Teen & Kids Cooking Classes!

Short on Time? Wanting to support local farms but not knowing where to start?

Busy schedules and convenience food options can leave us overwhelmed and tired. A poor diet filled with processed food weighs us down, adding to our discomfort.

We make pick up quick and easy!!!

Each box contains seasonal weekly harvest produced from local, small farms. Eating in season eliminates the need of spending hours planning a weekly menu and grocery shopping.

We provide time saving recipes and resources to make the most of your weekly share. What are you waiting for? Sign up TODAY!

Membership is Quick, Easy & Full of benefits!!

Our members have the flexibility of weekly and bi-monthly shares for pick up every Wednesday afternoon. We support -SEVERAL- local farms so our produce is diverse and our network is deep.

Members receive a host of benefits including FREE cooking resources, VIP pre-launch access to Cooking School, Cookbook releases and new well as a 10% discount on ALL ITEMS in Flourishing Fern's Apothecary.

This is a photo of 3 roasted beets trimmed and drizzled with oil. Foil as the background and springs of thyme on top.

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone can cook delicious food with farm fresh ingredients and a little inspiration. Gathering around the dinner table forms bonds and deep connections. Our mission is to teach busy families they can still create delicious, nutritious meals, allowing them to spend less active time in the kitchen and more gathering time enjoying the moment. 

Shop Small, Save Time

Pick up is quick and easy. Each box is carefully crafted to bring you the freshest the season has to offer.

Our seasonally inspired recipes are designed to take you beyond the farm and around the dinner table. Let us teach your busy family how to eat delicious, nutritious foods will little hassle.

Eat Locally Grown

Eating locally grown & raised foods during peak season is better for YOU & the environment. 

Knowing the hands that grow your food is priceless. So, we go straight to the source, partnering with SEVERAL small, local farms. Why support one, when you can support all?

Get Inspired in the Kitchen!

We believe that ANYONE can be an excellent home chef with a dose of inspiration and a little know-how. 

We offer adult and children's cooking classes, promoting a plant-forward mindset using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Four Convenient Locations!

The Farm to Kitchen Collective was established in the heart of Cypress close to 5 years ago, adding Tomball in 2018 and Norchester in 2019. We have plans to expand into Fairfield and The Woodlands late summer 2020.

INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING? We are looking for volunteers to serve the Fairfield, Bridgeland, Towne Lake and Magnolia areas. We pay in veggies!!

For Further Inquiries Call

(713) 822-1834

All orders must be placed by 5:30 pm on Sunday in order to reserve a share for the coming Wednesday. All orders after 5:30 pm will roll to the following Wednesday. Pick up is on Wednesdays and may vary by location.

Be Inspired!

Live, Love Local?

Let us inspire your dinner table with a recipe from our library at The Flourishing Times...join us for a cooking class...or, sign up your little farmer for the Kids Cooking Collective.

Interested in how herbs can strengthen and support your body? Curious about Herbal Astrology and how it effects you? Visit Flourishing Fern for more!

The Flourishing Times Blog & Podcast

Flourishing Fern Herbal Apothecary

Adult Farm to Kitchen Cooking Classes

Mandy Website

Mandy Ryan

Weekly Wednesday Co-op Member

 "I have been getting farm boxes...for almost 3 years now...I was hesitant at first because alot of the vegetables in the box I had never worked with before or convinced myself I didn't like. Brandi took the time to explain the benefit of every fruit & vegetableand offered recipes for the ones I was struggling with. My husband, who only ate meat and potatoes, now eats Eggplant Parmesan, Zucchini Lasagna, Root Vegetable Gratin and so much more. All 3 of my daughters (24, 8 and 6) love to help me cook and eat all of the wonderful dishes we make with our farm box goodies...I'm so glad I took the can really tell the difference in how fresh and natural (the veggies) are. I stopped buyomg fruits & veggies from the grocery store because they don't measure up."

Jodi for website

Jodi Johnston

Every other Wednesday Co-op Member

"Brandi & the Farm to Kitchen Collective have changed, not only how my family eats, but how we think about health an nutrition in general. I used to try and include veggies in my diet but didn't really know how to make them taste great. That changed when I had access to weekly farm fresh fruits & vegetables and was taught exactly what to do with them! I've learned, from Brandi, to question to origin of my food and demand more when it comes to quality and taste. We eat better, we feel healthier and I LOVE feeding my family delicious food that we can feel good about. Brandi taught a cooking class in my home for several of my friends and the recipes were simple yet delicious! I recommend the farm to kitchen experience to anyone!"


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