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Welcome, friends!!


I'm Brandi. My husband, Jack, and I established the co-op as Cypress Family Farm to Kitchen on July 1, 2015 when we couldn't find access to fresh fruits and vegetables in our community.

Our location has served hundreds of families in the Cypress area over the past 5 years and we are proud to have been pioneers in the local Farm to Table movement in Cypress, helping families to understand the value of supporting small farms and the power of purchasing from within their local community.

We learned to adopt a farm supportive lifestyle and would LOVE to show you how convenient and easy it truly can be!

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What's in it for -YOU-?

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Eat Local Grown

Each of our farm partners are within a 35 mile radius of Cypress meaning every vegetable in the farm box is locally grown.

Each box comes with 6-9 different freshly harvested fruits, vegetables and/ or herbs.

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Support Small Farms

Unlike a traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model, our network encompasses several different local farms and farmers. This allows us to serve and support the farming community as a whole.


Save Time & Money

The Farm to Kitchen Collective was born from the necessity to preserve time and money. Each basket is selected in harmony with one another for less than you would spend at a grocery store...and, we will even teach you how to use your Weekly Harvest!

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VIP Membership Area

Members will have access to a VIP area, allowing changes to their account, pause for vacations, make requests, purchase additional items and more. Each VIP will receive advance copies of cookbooks & advanced seating options for workshops -PLUS- a 10% discount!

This is a basket of fresh red bell peppers. They are bight red with bold, green stems.

Seasonal Inspiration

Each Season's Harvest comes with healthful benefits. We will inspire your dinner table and forever change the way you look at the food on your plate. Eating in season takes a few minor tweaks but your body & Mother Earth will thank you for it! (Don't let me forget to tell you my food philosophy & why we only get watermelon once a year?)

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More Perks!

  Members will also receive early access to product releases and VIP offers from our sister company, Flourishing Fern Farm to Home. Flourishing Fern is a modern day apothecary inspired by the Power of Plants! Each product is hand-crafted in small batches and designed using principles of Astrological Herbalism.

Interested in a One Time Farm Box?

We offer a Trial Box with no subscription -or- reoccurring payments you and your family can sample the Season's Harvest!

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Mandy Ryan

Weekly Wednesday Co-op Member

 "I have been getting farm boxes...for almost 3 years now...I was hesitant at first because alot of the vegetables in the box I had never worked with before or convinced myself I didn't like. Brandi took the time to explain the benefit of every fruit & vegetableand offered recipes for the ones I was struggling with. My husband, who only ate meat and potatoes, now eats Eggplant Parmesan, Zucchini Lasagna, Root Vegetable Gratin and so much more. All 3 of my daughters (24, 8 and 6) love to help me cook and eat all of the wonderful dishes we make with our farm box goodies...I'm so glad I took the can really tell the difference in how fresh and natural (the veggies) are. I stopped buyomg fruits & veggies from the grocery store because they don't measure up."

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Jodi Johnston

Every other Wednesday Co-op Member

"Brandi & the Farm to Kitchen Collective have changed, not only how my family eats, but how we think about health an nutrition in general. I used to try and include veggies in my diet but didn't really know how to make them taste great. That changed when I had access to weekly farm fresh fruits & vegetables and was taught exactly what to do with them! I've learned, from Brandi, to question to origin of my food and demand more when it comes to quality and taste. We eat better, we feel healthier and I LOVE feeding my family delicious food that we can feel good about. Brandi taught a cooking class in my home for several of my friends and the recipes were simple yet delicious! I recommend the farm to kitchen experience to anyone!"

Still have questions?

...Maybe this will help?...

What is the Farm to Kitchen Collective, exactly?

The Farm to Kitchen Collective is a small group of volunteers who help facilitate the supply of fresh, locally grown vegetables from small farms into their community. Each week, our  local farm partners deliver directly to us. We buy in bulk from them and we portion into shares for you. 

How much does it cost and when is pick up?

In an effort to serve as many needs as possible, we have weekly and every other week memberships available for $30. One-time boxes are available for $35 for those who like to pop in without the commitment. Pick up is available from 4-6 in Tomball & Cypress and 4:30-6:30 in Norchester. You will receive the pick up information and contact in your confirmation email.

Are you a Farm, CSA or co-op?

Best question ever. 

Honestly, we are a hybrid of sorts. When we started, there was not a Farm Stand or Farmers Market in less than a 25 minute drive. As a group of volunteers, our profit goes back into the community in some way or another. We have donated to farmers, looking for seed money to start, to students and to the local food community.

Can I choose in the box? What if I don't like something?

Each box comes with 6-9 different fruits, vegetables and/ or herbs based on what's available for harvest that week. We buy in bulk so everyone gets the same share and we don't offer a tradeouts. However, farm fresh tastes completely differently than anything you will get at a store. Most of our members find easting Farm Fresh is Best and they can expand their palate more easily.  All of that being said, as we get to know you and your family, if there is something you try that you just can't 'do,' let us know and we will work with you!

All Food Has Roots...How far do you want to dig?

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