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    Learn to make the Perfect Bowl of Homemade Ramen- a 3 part virtual Workshop

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    Hey there Ramen Lovers!!

    Have you ever wanted to enjoy fresh ramen in your own home but don’t know where to start? Do you LOVE ramen but find it intimidating to try on your own? Have you ever wondered about the difference between ramen and pho?

    Homemade Ramen is easier than you think and far more delicious than you would ever imagine. After years of perfecting the perfect bowl in my home kitchen, it’s time to share the SCOOP with all of you.

    Y’all know I am a HUGE advocate of local ingredients and, honestly, there is no other dsh that pays homage to the use of local ingredients like ramen.

    This workshop includes the education -AND- most of the ingredients you will need.

    (As usual, our ingredients will be sourced locally. The Pastured Pork will come from Three Sisters Farm in Tomball, TX and the veggies will come from our local farmers at PEAS Farm and Lone Star Mushrooms.)

    The Virtual Ramen Workshop will take place on November 13, 14 and 15th.

    Why THREE days?

    Homemade ramen includes a few easy steps. But, it can be overwhelming if you try to learn it all in one day.

    I’ve broken the workshop into 3 days to allow MAXIMUM flavor without sticking you in the kitchen all day.


    Have you ever wondered how restaurants create the perfect bowl of ramen that is consistent and delicious EVERY time? Looking to use LOCAL ingredients to make your own bowl of ramen for the family dinner table?

    This three part series is designed to make you an EXPERT Ramen Home Chef. You will receive recipes, downloads and inspiration to make the perfect bowl in your own kitchen.


    We will be making a tonkotsu ramen broth, miso tare, miso pork, pork chashu, aromatics and jammy eggs. Noodles, marinade and Tare will be provided for you but you will receive instruction on how to make each of these components. From Scratch. In your own home!!


    Day ONE: Overview, Pho vs Ramen, History of ramen, Ramen components and Tare. **Prep the bones.

    Day TWO: Noodles, Broth, Chatsu and Aromatics. Day two is the day we will prepare the Tonkotsu Broth and Pork Chashu. **Day two should be a day where you are home to monitor your broth.

    Day THREE: Eggs, Toppings and assembling the PERFECT bowl.


    Miso Tare

    Pasture Raised Pork Belly, Ground Pork, Pork Bones & Eggs (Three Sister Farms)

    Handmade Noodles for a family of 4.

    Toppings (Peas Farm & Lone Star Mushrooms)


    Chashu Marinade




    Yes, you will need fresh Parmesan Cheese, Avocado Oil, Butter and 2 gallons of water.


    The format of this workshop is a mixture of video and downloads. You will receive a glossary of terms so your lingo will become as savvy as the dishes that we will make.

    In addition to the hands-on workshops, you will also receive MY support if you have any questions!

    You will also receive general education on the history of ramen and a develop a deep appreciation for the cultural influences behind this international sensation.


    The video sessions will be recorded so you can watch whenever your choose. You will have LIFETIME access to this workshop. This workshop includes your ingredients so it is only open to locals (at this time.) Class participants should be able to pick up their ‘ramen packs’ on Wednesday, November 11th at one of our (4) pick up locations.

    This session will only be open to 10 participants so reserve your spot TODAY!


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